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Internal Audit Division


  1. To participate in the system of internal control of the financial operations of the Ministry of Culture and the Arts and the departments and the statutory boards functioning under its purview and carry out a continuous survey and an independent appraisal of such operations and the soundness and adequacy of the internal checks adopted in the prevention and detection of errors and frauds;
  1. To assist the Chief Accounting Officer/ Accounting Officer / Progress Review Committee, in ascertaining the progress made on development works, projects and schemes, and in the fulfillment of the plans and programs laid down for or undertaken by the each department;
  2. To act where appropriate, as a liaison between those engaged in these tasks and the Heads of the Departments and Progress/ Monitoring Committee.


  1. Ascertaining whether the system of internal check and control obtaining in the establishment for the prevention of errors and frauds is effective in design as well as in actual operation.
  1. Seeing that the accounting methods employed provide the information necessary for the preparation of correct financial statements.
  1. Appraising the quality of performance of staff.
  1. Ascertaining the adequacy and extent of methodology employed safeguarding the assets of the Ministry from losses of all kinds.
  2. Ascertaining whether the Establishments Code, Financial Regulations of Government and other supplementary instructions issued from time to time by the Ministry in charge of the subject of Public Administration and by the Treasury are being followed.
  1. Ascertaining the effectiveness of the system of internal control adopted in preventing, as well as detecting waste, idle capacity and extravagance.
  1. Verifying the safety, economical and proper use of property and assets of the department.
  1. Carrying out special investigations when necessary.

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