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Senehas Programme for Pregnant Mothers under the theme of Good Country for Women

  The Senehasa Programme that focused on pregnant mothers was held on 10.03.2015 at the auditorium ...

Opening of Prof. Ediriweera Sarachchandra Drama Training and Research Institute

Prof. Ediriweera Sarachchandra Drama Training and Research Institute, constructed by the Department ...

Increase the Grant for Economically Disadvantaged Artists to Rs. 5,000/-

The annual ceremony of granting financial assistance to economically disadvantaged artists was held ...

Commemoration of the Birth Day of Dr. S.Panibharatha and National Dance Day - 2015

  The commemoration of the birth day of Dr. S.Panibharatha and National Dance Day was held on 24.02...

Presenting the Letters of Appointment to the new Members of the Art Council

  The ceremony of presenting the letters of appointment to the new members of the Art Council was h...

Opening of Thirukkovial Cultural Centre at Ampara

  The 173rd Cultural Centre of the island was declared open by Hon. Nandimithra Ekanayaka, State Mi...

Granting the Letters of New Appointments

  The Letters of appointment were granted to the substitute watchers who have completed 180 days in...

Hela Gee Mangalle - State Folk Song Concert

In parallel to the 100 Day Programme of the Government, on the directives of the State Ministry of C...

Obtaining the Herbal Plants Required to the Ayurvedic Drugs Corporation from the Indigenous People of Dambana

The leader of the Indigenous People, Uruwarige Wannila Atttho met Hon. Nandimithra Ekanayaka, State ...

Intangible Cultural Heritage  in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan food culture
The culture differs from country to country. In Sri Lanka, there is unique culture and civilization inherited from the p...Read more >>
Sinhala New Year and Traditional Food Culture By. Kusumalatha Lankamulla.
  In accordance with the Astrology, we the Sri Lankans used to celebrate Sinhala and Tamil New Year annually.  As e...Read more >>
She is the Actress of Soorya Mangallaya
  She is the Actress of Soorya MangallayaBy. Amitha RambidigalaThe woman in our country is the major actress of soor...Read more >>

Puppetry in Sri Lanka
The puppetry is popular in Sri Lanka, as a kind of rural drama. This can be considered as an identical rural communica...Read more >>
The history of masks in our country goes back to even before 1895. At that time, masks had been used for the popular sto...Read more >>
Soorya Mangallaya which Recalls Humanity By. Dr. M.A.Jagath Wansapala
The only time period that all Sri Lankans act together is Bakmaha Mangallaya.  The important message of this event is...Read more >>

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