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Felicitation of National Heroes - 2014

  A felicitation ceremony for commemorating 37 national heroes who lived in Matale and involved in ...

Signing an (MOU) (MOU) on Exploration of the Chinese Wreck

An (MOU) between the Ministry of Culture and the Arts and the Science Academy of the Republic of Chi...

State Literary Festival

  The State Literary Award Ceremony was held at the BMICH on 03rd September, 2014 under the patrona...

“Senehasa” Programme for Pregnant Mothers, Organized by the Ministry of Culture and the Arts, in Parallel to International Women’s Day

  “Senehasa” national programme, organized by the Ministry of Culture and the Arts was held on 10th...

Opening of Cultural Centres at Mahavilachchiya and Galnewa

In line with the programme of opening cultural centres in all districts of the island, the newly con...

Commissioning the Cultural Centre at Weeraketiya - Rs. 16,000,000

Under the national programme of establishing cultural centres covering all districts, newly construc...

Senior Professor Mudiyanse Dissanayaka - New Chairman of the Arts Council of Sri Lanka

Senior Professor Mudiyanse Dissanayaka has been appointed as the Chairman of the Arts Council of Sri...

A Literary Festival at Local Level - Beliatta (Vihanga Vadula)

Parallel to the State Literary Festival, a local level literally festival (Vihanga Vadula) was held ...

Commemoration of the World Indigenous People’s Day - 2013

The World Indigenous People’s Day was commemorated on 09th August 2013 at Henanigala of Dehiattakand...

Award Ceremony for Dr. Victor Ratnayaka

The City Cell Channel I award, offered to Dr. Victor Ratnayaka, a veteran music director and a singe...

Intangible Cultural Heritage  in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan food culture
The culture differs from country to country. In Sri Lanka, there is unique culture and civilization inherited from the p...Read more >>
Sinhala New Year and Traditional Food Culture By. Kusumalatha Lankamulla.
  In accordance with the Astrology, we the Sri Lankans used to celebrate Sinhala and Tamil New Year annually.  As e...Read more >>
She is the Actress of Soorya Mangallaya
  She is the Actress of Soorya MangallayaBy. Amitha RambidigalaThe woman in our country is the major actress of soor...Read more >>

Puppetry in Sri Lanka
The puppetry is popular in Sri Lanka, as a kind of rural drama. This can be considered as an identical rural communica...Read more >>
The history of masks in our country goes back to even before 1895. At that time, masks had been used for the popular sto...Read more >>
Soorya Mangallaya which Recalls Humanity By. Dr. M.A.Jagath Wansapala
The only time period that all Sri Lankans act together is Bakmaha Mangallaya.  The important message of this event is...Read more >>

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